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About Us

In 2018, No More Silence Foundation opened in the 38118 zip code. By 2019 police officers presented us with the 2018-2019 Juvenile Crime Victims Bureau report, showing sex crimes amongst children decreased by 20% in that zip code. By 2020 the NMSF was awarded a Proclamation and certificate from the Shelby County Government Mayor Lee Harris’s Office, honoring us for our Coping Through The Arts Program-coping sessions provided to families affected by this abuse. People from all over the world have reached out for ways to help their families cope. Right before the pandemic, our team provided coping sessions to a group of youth from IOWA who came to learn from the program in efforts to help  others who may have been affected by this  abuse. 


Our Intent & It's Impact: 


We have community walks, annual holiday tea parties, and rallies throughout Memphis to bring awareness to incest rape and sexual abuse. More than 2,000 families have been impacted and victims have had support while attending court. Currently, we have a new coping office located in Uptown Memphis where our programs help families with ways to P.E.C ~ Prevent the abuse from happening again, Educate others about the abuse through individual and group settings, and ways to cope after the abuse has taken place. Because of our hard work, the NMSF has received support and recognition from: Shelby County Government Mayor Lee Harris Office, Memphis Police Department 100 Club of Memphis, Tennessee Justice Center, News Channel 3 Community Changers, Wal-Mart Community, Kroger Community, and Pound4Pound Motorcycle Club; just to name a few.


    Our Mission

No More Silence Foundation provides coping mechanisms through the arts using multiple educational strategies to help families cope after sexual abuse trauma. We use a variety of art related programs aimed to bring awareness and educate on Child Sexual Abuse. The programs we offer help to provide ways to P.E.C ~ Prevent, Educate, and Cope. The No More Silence Foundation is a PUBLIC BENEFIT nonprofit corporation organized and operated exclusively for charitable and educational purposes.


“Having a safe place for our children is so necessary, the secret struggles that our children are dealing with sometimes is unimaginable. The No more Silence Foundation not only provides a place, but also tools needed to face and overcome the hard to talk about topics. This is is hard job, but someone has to do it... Thank you No More Silence Foundation!”

Haleigh 06 


“No More Silence is an awesome organization that embodies their mission with every event and story shared. They are a true advocate for providing children who have experienced childhood abuse with "good coping skills". No More Silence's curriculum instills prevention, education and coping techniques for children to use well into their adult years! Bravo No More Silence for standing in the gap and living your mission!”

Timico B.


“I had a wonderful opportunity to visit the No More Silence Foundation. This foundation is such a promising asset to our community. I encourage others to please utilize and implement these resources as they are truly needed in our society today. Our children are faced with so many obstacles daily and this facility is truly a blessing from the loving atmosphere, the therapeutic arts and many other aspects that are beneficial.”

Jetton T.


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